Tumakov, Sergei Pavlovich

(b. 1919)


Sergeiwas born in the village of Russino, Ivanovo Voskresensk region.  In 1934 he went to study at Palekh Miniature Painting School.  In 1936 he left Palekh for Leningrad (St. Petersburg).  There he entered preparatory classes at the Repin Academy of Arts and in 1939 became a student of the academy.  After serving in WWII he returned to his studies and graduated in 1951 and taught at The Art College of Gorki (Nizhny-Novhorod).  He joined the Union of Artists of Russia in 1954.  He served several terms as the chairman of the Artists Union branch in Nizhny-Novgorod.  Sergei specialized in landscapes and genre paintings as well as being a monumentalist.