Troshkin, Gennady Nikolayevich

(b. 1930)


Gennady Troshkin was born in Chita, Siberia. In 1954 he graduated from Leningrad

Higher Industrial Art School named after V. Mukhina.  As a mursl painter and was directed to the Project Institute of Novosibirsk as an architect.  Since 1955 he worked as an artist in the Novosibirsk Art Fund.  In 1961 he joined the Artists” Union of the USSR.  In 1973-1984 he served as the Chief Artist of the City of Novosibirsk.  Troshkin has been an active participant of many regional, zonal and foreign exhibitions.  He also has had many one-man shows.  His works are kept in Novosibirsk Picture Gallery.