Michurin, Aleksandr Filipovich



Aleksandr Michurin was born in the village of Troeckoe in Mordovi, north of Moscow.  In 1948 Michurin went to Rostov, the oldest Russian city, to study art at the prestigious Rostov Art College.  Four years later, he moved to Moscow where he studied under the famous painters Dobrosrov and Shirtov at the Moscow Art University.  Michurin also took classes from Baksheev and Krimov, the leading Russian landscape artist of the time.


In 1962 Michurin graduated from the Moscow Art University and was invited to join the main art organization in Russia, the Union of Artists of USSR, and later in 1963 he began exhibiting his art work.  His paintings are now part of many permanent collections including: Russian Museum of the North, Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow, Mordovi Museum in Kobilkino, Mordovi Reginal Museum, Rostov Regional Museum among many others.