Matasov, N.

(1919 -    )


N. Matasov was born in 1919. in Ershilovo, Urupinsk region.  In 1937 he interred at the Dushanbe Art College.  In 1914 after he graduated from Dushanbe Art College he continued his art education at The Art Studio of Dushanbe under famous painters from 1942 to 1948. Portraits became the main theme of his art and in 1964 he was honored as the leading portrait artist of the Saratov region and was also elected to the Russian Union of Artists, the most important art organization in Russia from 1940s 1970s.  Since 1953 he participated in many All Artists Union art shows.  Since 1966 his paintings have become a part of the permanent collection of the Dushanbe Reginal Art Museum, Russian Museum in Leningrad, Moscow Art Museum in Moscow, Saratov Art Gallery and numerous private collections in Russia and abroad.