Original Russian Art Collection - Scottsdale, AZ

Russian Impressionism in original oil paintings brought to Scottsdale Arizona.

Classic Russian Artists - 1940 - 1960


Boukovetsky, Evgeny Iosifovich

(1866 1948)


Evgeny Boukovetskiy started his artistic education at the School of Drawing attached to the Society of Fine Arts in Odessa.  In 1890 he graduated from the Art College in Odessa where he studied under K.K. Kostandi.  There he had a chance to have classes from V.A. Servo who was visiting Odessa in the 1880s.  Then Buokovetskiy studied in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in the studio of I.E. Repin.  For awhile he also studied in R. julin Academy in Paris.  After the dismissal of the Association, Boukovetskiy initiated the establishment of the Artistic Society named after K.K. Kostandi (Odessa 1922 1929)